Add more flavours to your meat with woodchips

Woodchips are a great way to add flavour to meat while it’s cooking. There are plenty of flavours available, from mesquite and hickory, all the way to cabernet - and new ones are being created all the

Quick and easy BBQ chicken

This recipe is super simple and absolutely delicious, and is perfect for parties and gatherings, because the preparation won’t take you away from your guests.This chicken will be somewhat rich in flav

Level up: 10 tips for better barbecuing

If you are new to BBQing, chances are you’ve had some problems. Like anything else, BBQing takes practice. Fear not though - avoid making these ten mistakes and you’ll be well on your way.Before start

Cooking baked potatoes on a BBQ

The potato is one of the most versatile foods in the world. It can be prepared in numerous different ways, one of the more popular ways being to bake it.Baked potatoes are a great addition to almost a